Frequently Asked Questions About Smurfstore

January 17, 2018 at 9:56 am

Are you looking after a League of Legends account. You can get one at Let’s take a look at frequently asked questions about the smurfstore.

I want to buy a league of legends account. Are there any on the site?

Yes, they are available for sale on the website. The website has protection protocols that secures anonymous and safe payment for customers for their league accounts. You also can learn from the opinions and experience of other customers. Their comments are available on the website as well as on social media.

Does Smurfstore sell botted lol accounts?

All accounts on the store are created by real people.

How Long will it take when I’ll be able to log into a smurf account lol?

The store has an automated delivery system. It will send you the login details of your lol smurf accounts to the payment email you communicated while making the purchase. It takes just 5 minutes after you confirm the payment.

Is there a warranty on a lol account?

If you have bought Unranked League of Legends accounts, bad items will be replaced with new ones if the mistake was on the company’s part. Moreover, if cheating, toxicity and misbehavior is involved, it is not under the cover.

Shall I be able to verify my email for the purchased account?

Yes, of course. All accounts are sold unverified so that the customers can easily verify these accounts with their own email. But in order to do so you need to connect to the LOL site and log into your account. Your email will be verified with your account.

Can I change password on my account?

Yes, you can. Once your email is verified, you can easily change your password on the LOL site.

Which Payment Method Can I Choose?

Over 160 payment methods are available on the site. The site has payment systems for each country. Most used payment methods include Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Paypal.

Procedure of Buying An Account

You need to select a game server you want to have an account. Then specify the package you like. After that you have to pay. After your payments are successful, you will receive accounts details via your email. If they are not in the inbox, don’t worry. Check your spam folder. You may find it in it.

When was the last time accounts on smurfstore were played?

They were played at least six months ago. They are checked. When the company verifies that everything is fine only then they are sold to customers.

What will be the summoner name If I buy an account?

The names for items are chosen randomly. The summoner name can be Mikke, talxOx or oLiNakia. These names are created with the help of random symbols if there is no activity on the account. You can change your name as well. You can contact game client to change it.

So, it is quite fun to buy an account from the Smurf Store. Buy yours and enjoy the game.