Mystical Game is All The Rage

January 19, 2018 at 10:40 am

Dragons, flying snow beasts, orcs, sorcerers and wizards, ogres, clerics and knights – just some of the many characters that inhabit the world of HonorBound, the game that has everyone talking and playing – over 3 million players strong. With all the levels and characters and circles within circles to navigate, it is no wonder all gamers are getting into this role playing game like never before. Detailed and well done graphics add to the experience and the fact that you can play as an individual as well as grouping with other players is a plus.

The game involves fighting evil forces that have entered the previously peaceful world of HonorBound. The story unfolds as players accomplish various missions which are played through in sequence. Different areas of the world, and/or maps, create the backgrounds that the player as a “hero” plays through with one hero becoming the final “boss” at the end of the mission and other heroes becoming “sub-bosses” throughout the play. These players have special abilities and are generally stronger than other hero-players in the mission.

Players can choose what type of hero they’d like to be – warrior, cleric, wizard, knight, and so on. There are a lot of hero types to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses that become apparent as the game is played. As a player-hero, you form a squad with other heroes and then capture or harness the power of one of the five Affinities, or mystical elements that are available in the game to help you defeat enemies or get through hard tasks within the levels and missions. These Affinities are very cool elements and they also have their strengths and weaknesses which can either help or hurt your squad depending on what you face. You can choose from Spirit which is pure, the celestial Luna, a wild element called Primal, a tempestuous one named Terra, or Abyss which is unknown.

In addition to these mystical elements, you can recruit other characters to help you like magical beasts or warriors who have already been tested in battle and have been victorious, as well as others who can be allies in your fight. As players join your squad, you hone your skills and build strategies to defeat the evil in the HonorBound world.

When you win “Boss” fights you can gain treasures that will help you on your quests and missions, and each one of these rare finds will help you be stronger and harder to defeat. While you can’t really lose in this game, you can fail a mission and have to either be revived with a potion that you’ve horded, with a diamond that you have either won or purchased or begin the mission again.

This fantasy game is free to play, although you can make purchases throughout the game for advantages used during play. It is supported in several different languages – truly an international game – and those include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese. Everything in the game is animated and is playable on PCs with app capability, smartphones and tablets. Color and graphics are vivid and detailed based in RPG, and the music inspiration playing in the background is provided by Bobby Tahouri – the same composer for Game of Thrones from HBO.

Not only can you play through missions and advance the story narrative of HonorBound, but you can also compete in tournaments, either player vs. player (PvP) or player vs. event (PvE) at certain times throughout the game. These exciting gaming elements are battles where you can win big rewards and prizes that help you throughout the game in various ways. As you build your squad and form the next level of clans, taking all into the arena for PvP or PvE battles will win you the throne and additional powers.

This game is reminiscent of others like Dungeon Boss or SoulCraft in its action and graphics, as well as popularity for players and downloads. HonorBound is a game that can be researched for additional advantages during play and to find out more about winning battles for PvP and PvE or accomplishing the missions to advance play. With over 3 million player downloads, you are sure to find other heroes to join up with or who want to join your squads for play.