Features about CardFight vanguard

December 1, 2017 at 3:58 pm

When we talk about how long this card-game has existed, many people think about it to be fake and broken at some parts and have been contemplating writing Errata’s and even mending the strength of some cards to level it with the cards we have on the closing boxes. However, we should think about that the first box was released so it hasn’t been there for very long. There’s so much to be done in Vanguard still and as down-hearted as it is, older cards seem to get, well, matured, some will forever be stronger, some will be overwhelmed by newer ones. So we’ve perceived some people saying that there should be designs for Vanguard, such as Championships ‘BT-06 and forward’. And for that we must say it -could- function, let’s take for instance another card-game: Magic the Gathering; it’s been way of considerable length in the market than CardFight!! Vanguard, with 16 core sets and even more extension sets, so it has experience, lived long sufficiently to mend the issues of the past and alter some rules to make the game more fun to play. Also, there’s another point to be taken, which takes us to fact 2.

Vanguard lives intense and potent because of that media, and in the animation there are some key characters and they have a Clan of option, so that impacts on the fact those Clans will always receive stronger cards. You may say Yu-Gi-Oh which was the similar, but and we reply with that there weren’t Clans in Yu-Gi-Oh!, at least in the similar life-span that Vanguard has right now, you could use whatever cards you had in your deck and the game play is very different, so if there was a very good card, you could easily put it in your deck and it maybe could assist you in your design, but in CF!! Vanguard you straight away need to point on one Clan at a time (with the Lord skills and such, it only made it so you couldn’t amalgamate clans). Also, we shall take one back to those people that the cards in the animation and cartoon of Yu-Gi-Oh! It could be bad or better than the actual cards, because the impact would differ. To complete this fact, Think of fact 1 and 2 all together, because of the Animation/cartoon, the game seek to be influence to one side, leaving other clans with much less powered cards, but consider of this as a greatly young game, so give it time, it may get better.

These are just some points we’ve determined to jot down about since we’ve notice some people talking about it recently. Over all, just keep in mind, There will always be powerful cards, some clans will get overwhelmed/emphasised because of the anime/comic, the factors we stated may determine the matches, correct guards are better, but don’t have too many of them with you or they’ll become a responsibility. And ultimately, relax, sit down and Stand Up, Vanguard! For further information, log on to http://cardfightvanguard.com.au